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Storytelling and Folklore

       Long before stories were written down and printed in books storytellers taught and entertained their listeners.  Stories provided a mirror showing people their shared humanity and a reflection of a world that could be in turn terrifying, funny or even reassuring.  Telling, listening to and remembering stories is a part of all cultures, something that is particularly human.  This guide provides an entry-point to the adventure of storytelling with children.  There are ideas for the teacher, the apprentice storyteller, for students and for families.   

Storytelling Curriculum Resources

Folklore Information for Teachers


Folktales for Children Online

Favorite Stories from Project Gutenberg

Sorytellers videos

Storytelling and Folklore CCD Collection

The Storytelling and Folklore CCD collection is housed in the PS 360 Library.  New York City School Librarians may make an appointment to visit the library and view the collection in person and or visit during the annual open house.  Books can also be requested through interlibrary loan.  Elizabeth Dejean, the P.S. 360 School Librarian can be contacted through the NYCDOE email at